Who We Are

Hello, friend!  I'm Kaci, the main girl here at Out Back Designs.  This is truly a family affair around here....my husband, Kodi and my twins Laney and Mason are very often seen working in the shop, making deliveries, running errands, fixing things...pretty much anything we need to get done!  It takes a village to make life happen and OBD is no exception!  

The road to OBD as it is today has definitely been full of twists and turns.  My business ventures started back in 2006 with Oopsie Daisie Designs.  Printables {invites, announcements, note cards} got us started and it later morphed into personalized tumblers, mouse pads, clipboards, and more.  Later, my mom was retiring from her embroidery business and we decided to continue the family trade and expand into embroidery.  I've always been a sucker for cute monograms, bright fabrics and unique gifts so this has been a perfect fit for me!  

We started out OBD in a barn...out back...behind the house.  Hence the barn in the logo and the name Out Back Designs.  Even though we've changed locations, we've still kept the name.  

We have three "parts" to our business--what we call the "boutique" side, the corporate and organizational side and the wholesale side.  I absolutely love giving gifts and it's always fun to find unique things that not everyone has.  That's where the boutique side comes in.  On the other side of that, I also enjoy being able to help businesses and organizations with their promotional product. It's fulfilling to put a business logo on something, knowing that it is going to help spread the word and help that business grow.   And then there's wholesale.  We work with other businesses who are reselling the end product...our hope is to be able to help those businesses grow by keeping prices affordable. 

When we're not in the shop, you can find us doing a 4-H activity, on the baseball/softball diamond or making memories together as a family.  We're active in our church and other community organizations as well.  

Thank you for stopping by our shop out back!